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Hood River Distilleries Pendleton Blended Canadian Whisky


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@GotOak91Review by @GotOak91

28th Jun 2013


Hood River Distilleries Pendleton Blended Canadian Whisky
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  • Brand: Hood River Distilleries
  • ABV: 40%

I bought this on a whim, and paid dearly for it. Lets get to why shall we?

Color: Orange-Gold

Nose: Initially sweet rubbing alcohol, which is a shame. Hopefully with open air time it will open up. With some time opened up, it didn't change much yet there are slight notes of caramel and vanilla. But basically the same.

Body: There were slow little legs upon swirling. There was something odd about this whisky since there was a ring around the glass that doesn't move and it was tasteless. My guess is added caramel. I, of course used a clean glass.

Taste: Wow.. umm.. this isn't very good at all. Slight notes of caramel, butterscotch with lots of rough alcohol. (Not in a pleasurable way mind you) Some pepper is also noted.

Finish: Extremely short, spicy, and warming with rye notes.

Overall: The best news about this is I only spent $14 USD on a pint of this. By legal Canadian regulations on blended whisky basically anything goes: caramel color, flavorings, and the use of neutral grain spirits. Im quite sure the rest of this will drown in a sweet mixer. This is a designation I've never used on this website before. I should have bought Pendleton 1910 which is a 12 year "rye".


BlueNote commented

The 1910 is a huge step up. Very drinkable on the rocks.

10 years ago 0

GotOak91 commented

I certainly hope so. And thank you

10 years ago 0

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