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How Fucked-up is the LCBO?

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By @paddockjudge @paddockjudge on 25th Jul 2018, show post

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fiddich1980 replied

@Astroke Happy to see you got your bucket list whiskey. CONGRADULATIONS!!!zap stars clap

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Astroke replied

@fiddich1980 thanks Tony, I believe it's time to slow down on buying for a while.

4 months ago 3Who liked this?

Victor replied

@Astroke congratulations! You plan to drink it, right?

4 months ago 0

MRick replied

@Astroke Congratulations on your stroke of good luck! That one is supposed to be a gem.

4 months ago 0

Astroke replied

@Victor Yes, not looking for a bucket list bar trophy :)

4 months ago 1Who liked this?

paddockjudge replied

@Astroke, I am overjoyed to learn of your good fortune. I can now leave your sample in my open bottle. WIN-WIN!!

4 months ago 3Who liked this?

Astroke replied

So I thought I would leave my first review on the LCBO website. Of course it was rejected. I mean I did review it :)

3 months ago 3Who liked this?

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@Astroke I also had a review rejected. It was for Bumbu Deluxe or whatever their higher priced offering is called. Not sure why it was rejected....the title of my review was “Fraud In A Bottle”. satisfied

3 months ago 5Who liked this?

Victor replied

Sounds like the LCBO will accept only compliments. Apparently honesty is not allowed. What is the point of soliciting reviews when all you want is positive propaganda? The LCBO might as well just write all the reviews itself,..sort of like Scotch producers putting tasting notes on whisky boxes and tubes, telling you what they experienced and suggesting that you are supposed to taste the same things that they did.

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@Victor I think they might screen for keywords. My negative review of Bacardi’s bottom shelf white rum was accepted but it also contained recommendations for other lower priced white rums that actually have a taste (Havana Club 3 and Plantation 3 Stars).

3 months ago 2Who liked this?

TracerBullet replied

@Astroke @OdysseusUnbound Maybe you guys should start a site where people can post honest reviews of the LCBO offerings. Maybe they would eventually get the message - yeah, probably not...

3 months ago 1Who liked this?

RianC replied

@Victor - 'Apparently honesty is not allowed.'

A lot of that going around these days ... grin

3 months ago 4Who liked this?


I just got my "You get nothing, loser" email from the KGBO. The oh-fer streak continues. No Stagg Jr, no Blanton's Gold, no EHT.

about one month ago 1Who liked this?

PeterG7 replied

When you are the only game in town, positive and non positive reviews don'tmatter to them.

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