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I need spice! Suggestions?

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CanadianNinja started a discussion

I’m currently on a spice kick fellas and I’d appreciate any and all suggestions.

I’m open to anything but I’m particularly interested in rye and bourbon.

Maybe I’ve had it, maybe I haven’t. All suggestions for BIG spice are welcome.

12 days ago

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Nozinan replied

I think the first thing that comes to mind is that you need to try Lot 40 CS first and second editions. Maybe after trying Lot 40 regular 43%. AP CS is also probably a good bet. Wiser’s Legacy.

These are my initial suggestions.

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paddockjudge replied

@Nozinan, that's a good start. I think an even dozen would be a goodly sized sample. Listed below are 14 quick picks, two need elimination.

Lot No. 40 malted Rye

Lot No. 40 CS first edition

Lot No. 40 CS second edition

Lot No. 40 CS third edition

Wendel Clark 11 YO Rye

Wiser's Legacy

Wiser's 23 YO

Alberta Premium CS

Highwood Ninety 20 YO

Forty Creek Heart of Gold

Canadian Club 40 YO

Gibson's 18 YO (old label)

Collingwood 21 YO malted Rye

Danfield's 21 YO

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Nozinan replied

@paddockjudge I am surprised at how many of those I’ve actually tried.

If you want to pare down by 2 I would eliminate the lot 40 CS third edition and the collingwood 21.

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Excellent suggestions guys, thanks!

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cricklewood replied

Wild Turkey has this lovely dusty spice profile that I love, it's present in the 101 and rare breed, perhaps you can get their rye locally?

Alberta Distiller's rye has a particular profile and definitely spice, you can find it under the following guises, Whistlepig 10, or 10 single casks, Lock, Stock & Smoking barrel 13,16 & 18, Hochstadters 16, Masterson's Rye.

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RianC replied

Spice Tree from Compass Box leaps to mind! Any rye really but Pikesville has a delightful sweet spice profile. Wild Turkey and Four Roses are two rye heavy (ish) bourbons that give a spicier profile too.

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Big fan of Spice Tree @RianC.

It’s possibly my favourite Compass Box expression.

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