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paddockjudge started a discussion

What’s in your glass, under glass, behind the glass? Share your stories and musings… rants are permitted, lol. Tell us about your next purchase from an Indy bottler or something that has struck your fancy or tickled your innards.

about one year ago

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Astroke replied

@paddockjudge Have been considering a Gordon Mcphail Connoisseurs choice Highland Park 16 year cask strength for $178 Cad.

Recently picked up a Ben Nevis 1997 First Editions refill sherry, is so good I picked up a backup before they sold out. $229 Cad for a 23 year cask strength was a steal in this case. I have been buying IB's for quite some time now, used to be always Nova Scotia but their selection has gone south so like most I look to the west where IB's seem to be everywhere.

The story behind the Ben Nevis 23 yr Refill Sherry purchase was @RianC described this very bottleing without ever knowing it existed in a comment. I posted a link to him based on his description and then decided why not take a chance on it myself. So now I own 2 and owe it all to @RianC and his description of a desirable SM..

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BlueNote replied

It's all about community. A friend put me on to the Single Cask Nation bottlings. So far I have had the Teaninich 13, a Glen Elgin 11(?) and a Westport 16 (Glenmo CS), all first rate.

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fiddich1980 replied

Distilleries which do not produce an official regular core range bottling tend to catch my eye when bottled by independent bottlers. A few which I look for are Longmorn, Dialuaine, Clynelish, Benrinnes, and closed distilleries.

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paddockjudge replied

Currently enjoying a pair of 25 YO Burnside teaspooned blended malt, 99.99% Balvenie, .01% Glenfiddich). Both are bourbon casks at cask strength.

Great nose with similarities for the pair; Pineapple, Mango, lady fingers, a hint of citrus and a whisp of marzipan. Beautiful clean oak, honey, marzipan, on a bed of light fruits. Whisky Pop Rocks into the finish, a long lingering finish ...calling me for more. Not Identical twins, but sharing much of the same DNA.

Not easy to get hold of these. Well worth the wait. Excellent value for 25 YO Balvenie, the pair cost just under $500 CDN....Happy Birthday to me!!

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tjb replied

I obtained a couple that caught my eye recently. Specifically the single cask (526 bottles) Laphroaig (t spooned); Matured in 1st fill Amarone Wine Barriques. 49.1%. The branding is a bit “unusual” but I suppose it’s different from the unimaginative Glen Bollocks that often gets trotted out to make things sound Scottish and authentic.

The other is an 11 yr Caol Ila, Matured in refill Sherry Butts, finished in 1st fill Lafite Wine Barriques. Decent strength at 54% and one of 1256 bottles.

The real test will be how long these stay unopened.

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