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Islay Mist 8 Year Old

Thin But Sharp-Edged Blend

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@VictorReview by @Victor

6th Oct 2014


Islay Mist 8 Year Old
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This review is based upon samples at various points of a bottle's lifespan: a sample at the end of a bottle given by @Nock, fresh tastings of my own newly opened bottle, and that same bottle open for one month's time

Body: light, quite thin really

Nose: nice peat with some smoke, sweet with some pleasant sharp bitterness. More intense and more juicy than most blended Scotch. You can definitely smell the Laphroaig malt which is reported to be used in Islay Mist 8 yo. There is also some wheat "grain" whisky smell in the background

Taste: mild smooth start, followed by progressively more intense sharp-edged peat and smoke. The thin light body is the biggest shortcoming of Islay Mist 8 yo. At 55% abv this would clobber you over the head. "Grain" whisky wheat flavours are here if you look at them. They colour the background, but they do not command the attention

Finish: finishes on sharp bitter peat with background sweetness

Balance: a good balance of sweet and bitter peat prevails. This is all about peat and smoke, with some nice wood sweetness here as well, similar, as others have pointed out, to the sweetness of Laphroaig Quarter Cask. "Laphroaig Light" you could call it. Some might call it "Laphroaig Very Light"...but, the lightness is not so much in the flavours as in the texture/body/weight, and the fact that you can taste a little wheat "grain" whisky background. This does not taste like malt, "single", "double", "blended" or "vatted". You can either accept that or hold it against Islay Mist 8 yo. Personally I don't like wheat flavours in blended Scotch, and am continuously astonished that Scotch drinkers don't seem to know how to pick them out. (Drink more wheated bourbon. Dilute it ridiculously, say, one part whiskey to four parts water. Then you will have some idea of that 90% abv-off-the-still product referred to as Scottish Wheat Grain Whisky.) Despite my not liking wheat flavours in blended Scotch, Islay Mist 8 yo works better for me than most

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