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Isle of Jura 10 Year Old

A bitter orange

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@PandemoniumReview by @Pandemonium

10th Mar 2014


Isle of Jura 10 Year Old
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I have to admit that I'm not really that much of a Jura fan. I appreciate the superstition, I like the Diurachs, I good friends with the Prophecy, but the 10yo?

My soon-to-be, brother in law, a Jack Daniels fan, asked me to introduce him to the world of whisky. One weekend bored out of my skull, I agreed to join him and my sister in their search for the ideal wedding location. Luckily for me, we passed by my favorite whisky shop, where I bought an absolutely stunning bottle of Lochside. And, as for his request, I selected a few miniatures: HP 12, Old Pulteney 12, Bladnoch, Bunnahabhain 10, Glendronach Revival, Jura 10 and when we returned back home, I gave him a 20cl bottle of Lagavulin and a unopened Ardbeg 10yo miniature to try out at home.

Guess what? He adored the Jura and went back to the store to buy himself a full bottle, leaving me flabbergasted. How could he choose the Jura over all these great malts? Did I miss something?

Which brings us back to tonight: in front of me, a dram of Jura Origin 10yo.

Nose: Light and surprisingly fresh: oranges, cereals, sunflower oil, a pinch of butter, wood polish, with faint hints of salt, but overall notes of spring blossoms.

Taste: dried oranges, again notes of cereal, orange blossoms, honey, oak wood shavings, ginger and a whiff of iodine.

Finish: long, dry and bitter, with fading notes of orange and ginger.

Conclusion: has the Jura 10 improved over the years? Last bottle I tried was a pre-2008? bottle as it still had the "Isle of Jura" logo instead of just "Jura". This not the malt that I recall from my previous tastings, but an significant improved version. Sometimes it pays of to give a whisky a second chance.

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