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Isle of Jura 10 Year Old

Deliberating Jura

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2nd Mar 2013


Isle of Jura 10 Year Old
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I chose this scotch for my wife to maintain her mild interest in my hobby. After sampling several different malts, this won because it is complex, non-peated, and well balanced-- slightly sweet rather than too oaky or dry. Overall I would call it a success (for both of us!).

Nose: Others have commented on a strange nose; I agree it is distinct and a little pungent, but not that it is bad (or like tequila). Once you get used to it, the fragrance is interesting and adds to the palate while you drink. I can best describe this smell as some combination of moist hay, sneakers, vegetable broth, or apricot. I can see why this is divisive: if you don't want to like it, you probably won't! I would not say it is "floral" a much as it reminds me of a greenhouse. Finally, you can pick out underlying scents that are more common: salty butter, chalk, sherry-induced caramel.

Palate: Enters very lightly and thin. No obvious notes, just smooth, with maybe slight heather. If your glass has not breathed enough, it first tastes leathery and chalky, with some tobacco. But later this develops into thin caramel, which is vaguely salty and well-balanced. There is slight mocha too, if you're looking for it. The palate itself is very easy; what really matters is which way the nose influences your experience.

Finish: A fairly short finish, with a little grapefruit rind and some beckoning for another sip.

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