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Isle of Jura 12 Year Old Elixir

Underrated Jura

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AReview by @Astroke

3rd Apr 2016


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No review of this one so I thought I would add one.

Picked up a bottle of this 6 months ago for about $59.

Nose-Caramel, candy, not much else

Palate- Strange sweetness but enjoyable and very drinkable. Spicy but not in a bad way.

Finish-Long for a 12 year old SM

Final comment- Really underrated for the price, will pick this up again for $60, unfortunately the LCBO thinks the only people that enjoy this SM live in Ottawa




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Hull commented

Have you tried Jura Superstition, I'd like to know how you compare them?

4 years ago 0

Astroke commented

No, I have never tried it. The Elixer to this point is the only Jura I have tried.

4 years ago 0

Victor commented

Interesting. I've never seen Isle of Jura 12 yo Elixir in the US middle Atlantic state region in which I live. I'd like to taste it.

I've tasted Jura 10 yo which was obnoxious until it took about 2 years worth of air time, and then became good. I've had Jura Superstition which was sort of OK in a very dirty sort of way, but left me with some mixed feelings. The 40% remaining bottle of Jura Prophecy heavily peated which @whiskyjoe gave me left me disappointed at first, but then with exposure and more and more air time I eventually became very enthusiastic about it. I remain so.

I've never bought a bottle of Isle of Jura for myself. My experiences with it have left me with an abundance of caution. I would buy a bottle of Prophecy again one day when the current one is finally gone. That bottle of Prophecy came from Canada, though. I haven't seen that one in this region.

about one year ago 0

Astroke commented

@Victor Seems to be 2 different versions noted, a 40% and a 46%. The only 1 I picked up was an excellent value for a 12 year 46% anything SM. There looks to be a return bottle in Toronto but far away from where I am.


about one year ago 0

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