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Jack Daniel's Original (No.7)

Back To The Basics #2: Jack Daniels

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@SquidgyAshReview by @SquidgyAsh

19th May 2012


Jack Daniel's Original (No.7)
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In order to get some sample bottles I purchased five well known bottom to mid shelf whisky samples. Those being Jim Beam White Label, Jack Daniels #7, Chivas Regal 12 yr old and Johnnie Walker Red and Black Labels. I'd tried and reviewed for the first time the Jim Beam last night. Tonight was a classic for me. Jack Daniels!

Now I had started my whisky journey many years ago with Crown Royal and Jack Daniels. So this whisky has more then a few memories for me. Now I seem to encounter a problem with Jack Daniels and oh so many people, and as I stated in my Jim Beam review, I'm a purist.

What does that mean? You might be thinking that to yourself. What it means is that when the laws say something or tradition says something, say that bourbon must be aged for no less then 3 years in oak casks, in kentucky, at no less then 40% ABV, then if ANY of that is not true you'll be hard pressed for me to acknowledge that as a bourbon.

I stated this in my last review. The reason I state it once more, I am forever hearing and seeing on restaurant menus how Jack Daniels is a bourbon.

Now class where does Bourbon need to be distilled to be bourbon? Kentucky. Good job for you! Here's a gold star!

Now where is Jack Daniels Tennessee Whisky from? This might be hard...oh yeah Tennessee!

So if Bourbon is from Kentucky and if it's not Bourbon if it's not from Kentucky that must mean Jack Daniels is NOT a bourbon.

Just clarifying that for the crowd.

Rant over haha I'm sorry about that guys!

Now I poured the contents of the sample bottle into my glencairn and there is the dark colors of Jack Daniels I'm used to.

I sit down with my wife to watch a Criminal Minds marathon (if you missed it, you didn't miss much) and I sat there for about 30 minutes nosing the glass and sitting there honestly disappointed.

The strongest odors coming through the whisky is vanilla, cherry, oak, some alcohol, hints of smoke. My wife when she nosed it got oak, cherries and icing sugar, like off a cinnamon roll.

But the nose is weak. It's not unpleasant, just weak.

I tend to try and nose a whisky for quite a while, trying to pull out everything I can and when I'm hit that a whisky is just THIS simple I'm always left disappointed.

So I decide to take a sip after my wife does, she is left coughing and stating that she wished the nose translated into the flavor.

I wind up getting some of that vanilla, but it's the chocolate lurking in the background and the cherries that are prominent after the oak.

It's not bad, it is however fairly rough for being 40% ABV. Problem for me and maybe it's just me, but it, like the Jim Beam, is very very watery on the mouth feel.

Finish is short with some spices and the cherries following me down.

This isn't a bad whisky, this isn't a bad distillery, in fact I enjoy quite a few of the Jack Daniel products, but to be honest this whisky right here belongs in a coke or other mix. Good thing that it's priced just for that! Roughly $30-35 AUS a bottle and easily found in any liquor store that you can think of.

Tomorrow night Chivas Regal 12 yr old! An old favorite of mine!!

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SquidgyAsh commented

My friends I have been proven misinformed about where bourbon can and can not be made, and I am VERY sorry for giving some bad information.

Bourbon can actually be made anywhere in the USA. I'm sorry about that. But I'm not totally sorry. Because if I hadn't gotten that wrong I wouldn't have learned something new today!

I would like to thank the mentors on Connosr for helping me to continue to grow in my whisky knowledge and I'd like to especially thank Victor for the bourbon heads up!

/embarrassed face right now for all to see :D My wife says I'm a foodie, but I don't think she meant with egg on my face hahaha :D

11 years ago 0

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