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Jack Daniel's Original (No.7)

Maple Wood Liqueur

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9th Mar 2017


Jack Daniel's Original (No.7)
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Jack Daniel may be the most famous American whisky brand, and its No.7 the most available American whisky in the world. But in the whisky world being this common always means it's for the mass market, almost everyone heard and drank Jonnie Walker before Compass Box, Glenlivet before Ardbeg. Most of these common and cheap whiskies tend to be easy crowd pleasers, and I think Jack Daniel No.7 is no exception.

The review is from a 50ml mini bottle.

Nose: Sweet corn and honey come out first. Vanilla, maple syrup, strawberry and fresh grass. Quite straightforward.

Palate: Spicy and slightly bitter. Caramel, orange, dark chocolate, ginger and oak. A bit plain, some sweetness and fresh mint in the background.

Finish: Short, dry and smooth. Nuts, maple wood and a touch of oak in the end.

Balance: It smells ok, but tastes a bit too woody and spicy.

I don't have high hope on this one, it starts ok but with air exposure its bitterness becomes overwhelming, there are not much fruit or sweetness to balance out, and the body is flat. I would rate it 72 pts when it's fresh and only 60 pts or less when it's oxidized. Maybe the charcoal mellowing took away too much flavors in their new make. JD No.7 is not a sipper for me, but like everybody says, it's a good mixer with cola.

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Ol_Jas commented

Outside of the odd Jack & Coke at weddings or whatever, I think the only time I ever had this was on my 21st birthday, in my buddy's basement bedroom, sitting under a blacklight Pink Floyd poster, wondering how the heck anyone could enjoy the CRAZY INTENSE BURN of whisky straight from the bottle.

I'm pretty sure if I had it again today, I'd wonder the opposite: How the heck can anyone enjoy the BORING SWEET NOTHINGNESS of plain ol' Jack?

7 years ago 0

Victor commented

Jack Old No 7 can manifest as almost anything depending upon what batch you drink from. I've liked maybe 20-30% of those I have tasted over the years, and abjectly hated quite a few of the others.

7 years ago 0

mystycreek commented

@Ol_Jas lol you surely deserve better drinks on your birthday. I was traveling in France having good wine and champagne on my 21st birthday, it was a very good time.

7 years ago 0