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Jack Daniel's Original (No.7)

Clash of the Titans Volume 1

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@OdysseusUnboundReview by @OdysseusUnbound

9th Apr 2020


Jack Daniel's Original (No.7)
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Jack Daniel's Old No.7 is the best selling American Whiskey in the world. It's a pop culture icon synonymous with rock and roll, working-class drinkers, and America.

Is Jack Daniel's a bourbon? Well the short answer is "YES" and the longer answer is "legally and technically yes, but 'officially' no". Before you get worked up and call me a brain-dead idiot, I'll just say that Jack Daniel's own Master Distiller, Jeff Arnett, has stated on the record that Jack Daniel's could be labelled a bourbon if Brown-Forman wanted to market Jack as one.

Semantics about labelling aside, this whiskey is a big seller but serious connoisseurs tend to turn their noses up at them. There's nothing wrong with having preferences, but I've never been accused of being a serious anything, so I'm game to have a little fun every now and then. For the sake of this comparative review, I'll taste the whiskeys neat as well as with Coca-Cola and with Ginger Ale since these are the two most common mixers people use.


Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 neat from a Glencairn

  • Nose: banana, toffee, fresh corn, vanilla
  • Palate: light bodied, slightly creamy texture, more bananas and toffee, a hint of pears, a touch of maple fudge
  • Finish: medium length with vanilla, toffee, vanilla, cinnamon, a bit of pineapple, and a touch of smoky barrel char (yay!)
  • Comment: This is one of the most consistent whiskies on the market. There is always some batch variation, but the "worst" batches are simply inoffensive, while the better batches are downright pleasant. At first sip, this appears to be the latter.
  • Rating as a neat sipper: 80/100


Is there a highball more famous than Jack & Coke? I doubt it. The combo was popularized by THE most bad-ass hard rock icon himself, Lemmy Kilmister. In fact, some Motörhead fans petitioned to have the Jack & Coke officially re-branded "The Lemmy" after Kilmister passed away in 2015. So what do I think of the Jack & Coke combination? It's not bad, but it's a bit too much sweetness for me, to be honest. There's a bit of creaminess from the Jack cutting through the sweetness, but this combo leaves me a bit flat.


Ginger Ale was always my preferred mixer when I drank rye. Maybe it stems from an affinity for drinking flat ginger ale as a kid when I was sick and stayed home from school. Maybe not. Jack & Ginger is a lovely, synergistic mix. It's a case of 1 + 1 = 3. The ginger ale combines with the banana and toffee notes in Jack to make the whole thing really satisfying. It's better than either one on their own.

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RianC commented

In memorium.

4 years ago 2Who liked this?

Nozinan commented

I've been meaning to review this next to my JD SB BP (and one that I got a sample of from @Talexander a couple of years ago which inspired me to want to get one). I tasted JD SB BP before trying the JD #7. So I would suspect my bias will be showing when I review it.

I don't think the bourbon/not bourbon issue matters as much because in the context of a world of different whiskies this is just one of them. I mean, does it matter that Amrut Peated CS single malt is not a Scotch? Not to me...

I think what matters to me, as someone who tends not to mix my whisk(e)y, is whether the product is suitable for sipping.

Bottled at 40%, and having tasted it, I don't think it is something I would ever reach for except in the context of getting to know it for review and to compare to its more muscular relatives.

4 years ago 1Who liked this?

Astroke commented

Pretty sure the last time I drank JD No. 7 was at the old King Eddy hotel in Calgary watching/listening to Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. Drinking "Boiler Maker's", circa 1985/86.

4 years ago 4Who liked this?

Nozinan commented

@Astroke I'm pretty sure the last time you drank JD #7 was just before we tastes several JD SB BPs at the home of @fiddich1980.

I remember because we passed it around to pour a reference dram and when it came to you just took a swig from the 200 cc bottle!

4 years ago 5Who liked this?

OdysseusUnbound commented

@Nozinan I feel like that's the traditional method of presentation for JD No.7. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

4 years ago 2Who liked this?

paddockjudge commented

@Nozinan, I have a hunch @Astroke was referencing the last time he had Old #7 from a glass.

4 years ago 3Who liked this?

Astroke commented

@Nozinan I may have put my tongue over the bottle and faked it :)

4 years ago 2Who liked this?

Nozinan commented

@Astroke And the rest of us poured it n our glasses?


4 years ago 1Who liked this?