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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel 16-1621

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@talexanderReview by @talexander

24th Jun 2016


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This one is from Barrel No. 16-1621, bottled March 2 2016. The colour is a brownish gold. On the nose this is typical JD: black pepper, anise, charred oak. Loads of caramel and vanilla. Mint and eucalyptus. I don't have a standard bottling with me, but this seems to me to be very close to that. Water brings out some malt and a little buttered toast. While I like it, it's nothing extraordinary.

The palate is a little tamer, with softer pepper and anise, some dark chocolate and the usual combination of caramel, vanilla and oak. It's fine but again, not terribly different from the usual, and water just dilutes the palate.

The finish is deep, long and chalky, with more oak, chili and beef bouillon (?) Of all the JD Single Barrels I've had, this one seems the most like the standard bottling, which is rather disappointing. Sure, it's a higher proof but otherwise, what's the point? Let's try it side-by-side with Barrel No. 15-5957. The earlier bottling is a hair darker, much earthier on the nose and has a sharper palate.

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