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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

A Barrel Of Joy

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@AlanjpReview by @Alanjp

4th Mar 2011


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Jack Daniels Old No 7 is world famous, and has a taste that is familiar to many, so when you try something like the Single Barrel, you expect a similar taste.

And that’s exactly what you get, although with a few significant differences. The first being that this is a decidedly richer taste compared to its little brother, it’s almost a little more upmarket, and the price reflects that as it’s around £40 a bottle. There is the same Jack Daniels base, with the charcoal filtering adding its usual characteristics to the dram, but it’s smoother and easier to drink than its compatriot.

The colour remains as Jack is, darkly golden, and the smell is distinctively JD. The changes are in the bottle, which clearly sets it apart from the others in the range, and of course the taste as noted above. Tennessee whisky is a law unto itself, not a bourbon and not a regular malt, and Jack Daniel’s have been doing this a long time, perfecting the process and churning out quality such as this.

If you’re a fan of Jack Daniels Old No 7, then this will open your eyes as to how much more they can get out of their spirit. If you’re not a fan, then it’s worth a try just because it has noted differences and better qualities than the normal supermarket variety bottles. I enjoyed it, and have now finished 2 bottles over the past 12 months. Some may find the high rating strange, but I’m not rating this in comparison to single malt whisky, you cant do that really, but to its own brand and different varieties.

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