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Jack Wiebers Whisky World Classic of Islay Jack Wieber 2015

Just loving this Filth!

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@RantavahtiReview by @Rantavahti

13th Apr 2016


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  • Brand: Jack Wiebers Whisky World
  • ABV: 57.5%

This is a fascinating whisky coming from an German importer in Berlin, under the name of Jack Wieber. The malt is from unknown Islay distillery, rumoured to be Lagavulin. Some info about the one I tasted: Cask nos. 320, bottled in 2015.

This whisky is a young peat monster, a feisty one, really making me consider of buying a whole bottle. I've used Irvine Welsh's stuff on my Lagavulin reviews before, so why stop: this is Filth (book by Welsh, also a movie has been made based on the book)!

Strong character, yet with some layers and pure rawness in a take no prisoners kinda way.

Nose: Strong with coastal notes like seafood and salty air breeze. Rubber and meaty malt with some leather notes too. Some sweetness and greasy ham notes, and phenolic peat.

Taste: Very medicinal and dry, with strong peat. Taste really does remind me of Lagavulin. This is like a one-sided version of Lagavulin 16YO – sweet with powerful peat smoke. Probably had some sherry maturing.

Finish: Dry with peppers and peaty, along with syrupy notes. Medium length, but quite quick when thinking it's cask strength. The phenols are strong again.

Balance: This is young indeed, yet good. Strong but in balance. Powerful character and straight forward, filthy but medicinal peat monster.


Ol_Jas commented

Just because it's too perfectly timely to pass by, here's a post today on the My Annoying Opinions blog that touches on how so many undisclosed Islays are rumored to be Lagavulin:


7 years ago 0

Rantavahti commented

I am also skeptic about the rumor. The price seems way too reasonable, if it really is Lagavulin. The taste felt like Lagavulin but then again, it might as well be my mind doing tricks. I haven't bumped into other mystery Islay drams rumored to be Lagavulin, though. Usually it's been Laphroaig or Caol Ila. Smokehead and Finlaggan for example were rumored to be Laphroaig, and they did felt like it. Although it always is just a gut feeling telling what it feels like – at the end of the day, it could almost be any distillery offering peated malt.

7 years ago 0

Ol_Jas commented

Exactly. There are VERY FEW people whom I would trust to discern which Islay distillery a given undisclosed malt comes from. Anyone who thinks they can guess should subject themselves to a blind tasting of a lineup of KNOWN young bourbon-matured Caol Ilas, Lagavulins, Ardbegs, Laphroaigs, peated Bunnahabhains, Port Charlottes, Bowmores, and Kilchomans and correctly identify almost all of them. I know I couldn't do it. When I see that happen, I'll doff my cap and listen to their proclamations.

(Rantavahti, this is no comment on you personally. Indeed, you did nothing more than compare the drink in your hand to the main bottling from the rumored distillery source, which is totally legit in my book.)

7 years ago 0

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