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Jim Beam Black Label

Positively Reconfirms Itself

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@MyLoSyRoReview by @MyLoSyRo

20th Jan 2013


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It's not the sexiest, most expensive, unique, or "select". It is one of the most heavily marketed, well known, recognized, and readily available......that being said, one would not expect JB Black to be so solidly good. I believe that it is.

The nose: Warm vanilla creme and sweet corn, but not overly glucose-ish (creative liberty).

Taste: First to cross your tongue is vanilla, followed by sweet woody oak with a quick to follow ginger-snap bourbon/ pepper kick (very pleasant).

Finish: A light pepper and sweet ginger alcohol burn that fades gracefully.

In summation, the more I drink JB Black the more I love it-- It is very much like my comfort food of bourbon. The icing on the cake is the price point. I hope you find the same pleasure in it.

'Nuf said.

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Victor commented

Love your title!

Try some of my JW Black from the 70s! Great stuff. I've read that Johnnie Walker Black is the the blended Scotch that its competitors most wished that they had in their own product line-up. I believe that. I've liked JW Black Label since I first tasted it 40 years ago. They keep it around because it works!

10 years ago 0

Victor commented

My Bad, I thought I was commenting on JW!

I like Beam Black a lot, but I think that the batch I bought a year ago was not as good as the Beam Black a year earlier.

10 years ago 0

MyLoSyRo commented

@victor your initial comment had me a bit puzzled as it was slightly out of context,....personally I will find myself reaching for a single malt scotch or a bourbon, but haven't really settled in on a blend. Chivas and JW Black are two that seem to always pop up at functions and I'll drink them when others aren't available but hey seem to all be slightly astringent. It is however a time tested and very popular blend. Cheers, and thanks for the dialogue. This site is excellent and a great resource for me to build my knowledge base.

10 years ago 0

Victor commented

@MyLoSyRo, very sorry about that...I certainly didn't intend consciously to mess up your comment trail.

BTW my wife, aka Dramlette attended a Beam whiskey dinner with Fred Noe about a year ago. When asked which of Beam's products he would least like to be without, Fred answered "Jim Beam Black Label."

10 years ago 0

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