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Jim Beam Repeal Batch

The best $15 whiskey I've had

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@casualtortureReview by @casualtorture

9th Jun 2019


Jim Beam Repeal Batch
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It is hitting the 90s in Tennessee now, so I went to grab a nice gose for doing yardwork. I saw this sitting on the shelf for $15. They had me once I read 'non-chill filtered.'

This is Jim Beam Repeal Batch. Marketed as a prohibition repeal tribute. It is a limited run, 86 proof, NCF bourbon. My expectations are on the lower side.

Nose: Pretty standard bourbon nose if there is such a thing. Caramel, corn, vanilla. Rather sweet. Nothing mind-blowing but it's pleasant enough.

Palate: There are very definable flavours here. Peanut butter, cinnamon graham crackers, corn. On the sweeter side but this has a decent amount of flavour for 86 proof. The peanut butter and cinnamon crackers really show up and steal the show as I can't get past these predominant notes. But they're there, in the open, and I like them.

Finish: Forgettable, run of the mill bourbon finish. Vanilla, caramel, the yummy notes from the palate sadly fade rather quickly. Oh well, it was really good while it lasted.

Overall: I couldn't ask for more from a $15 whiskey. It's nose and finish are fine, but on the palate it surpassed my expectations with the flavour it delivers. Being 100 proof would make it a lot better. But that would probably put it in the $20 range where it would be competing with OGD BiB and WT 101. It then goes from great value to a difficult choice. This is a good spot for it. Well played JB.

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