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John J Bowman Pioneer Spirit single barrel

2 weeks of christmas: Day 1

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LReview by @Lifewaterforce

16th Dec 2013


John J Bowman Pioneer Spirit single barrel
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  • Brand: John J Bowman
  • ABV: 50%

First day of the christmas whisky streak, and it begins with 2 bourbons, one that i am revisiting and this one that i am exploring for the first time. John J Bowman is named after the pioneer of the same name, that was the first to establish a court in kentucky whilst exploring the american frontier.

Let's explore!

Nose: Astounding bourbon nose this! Wow, bonkers! An attack of flavors jump up at you. An intro of clove, lily, rosewater, lavender, nail-polish. After that powerful (and very pleasant) flower combo the soft spices hit you with cardamom, nutmeg and baking spices. Then before you can get another breath it goes to some unusual places, you get buckberry and rosehip (not often i smell that!) also sweet and some sour dough. Some more familiar bourbon characters come forth like vanilla and cherry-cola. A slight whisker of peach and prune grounds the nose to a halt.

Palate: Burnt Toffee, cola, violet and creme brulée. Sweet spices like cardamom come back with nutmeg and coriander. A creamy development with strawberry jam, some dried banana, almonds, apricot with the slightest manuka honey surrounding the ensemble. Gains a "Cognac" profile throughout, whilst retaining it's bourbon identity, simply suggests excellent blending.

Finish: The creamy development leaves way to an aromatic, dry slightly tannic finish. Cherry makes a comeback with some friends like clove, vanilla and some baking soda.

The finish doesn't last too long but this one is still, a stonker of a bourbon. I was going to rate it 82 after first tasting it but after some air and time this has climbed up significantly, this is a very solid bourbon with some serious nose attached. One of the best bourbon noses i have had thus far, excellent! All in all, as i said, a great nose a body that then delivers the promise of the nose and a well made, but short, finish.

Great Start!