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Johnnie Walk Double Black

Rough and bland

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@GlassBottleReview by @GlassBottle

28th Sep 2011


Johnnie Walk Double Black
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Nose: a fairly pungent alcoholic sting, this is a weird whisky: it creates a lot of impressions but no real flavours. It is smokey, there's peat, oil and brine but these are really fairly broad characteristics and its hard to be more specific

Palate: Heavy alcohol and aggressive smoke. This was a challenge but I got hold some honey and maybe fruit notes. At a push, there's a little hint of pear and tiny vanilla-esque notes

Body: Harsh

Finish: violent tobacco smoke. The finish comes out of nowhere and rounds off an unsatisfying that's entirely lacking in structure

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nlhpens commented

I agree. I would rate it even lower - there's a a bland note to the harshness and little else. My impression was that someone had added Liquid Smoke to Red Label. I almost didn't finish the bottle. Norman

12 years ago 0

GlassBottle commented

yeah, i've had whiskies I love, and whiskies I hate...I think this commits perhaps an even worse sin of being boring and entirely forgettable! Stephen

12 years ago 0

mct commented

Diageo riding the coattails of popularity of the "BLACK" tag. This is why i dont trust blends that dont show any vintage on the label.

8 years ago 0