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Johnnie Walk Double Black


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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

29th Sep 2012


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A while ago, my buddy Luc H (H for Harley Davidson) handed me a sample to try. Let me know what you think, he said. Later, after I had done so, he let me know what dram it was that I had tasted. Tasting blind: it is always a challenge.

The nose is rather closed and needs some time. After a few moments I get some white fruit and a hint of wet cardboard (not unpleasant, by the way). Even with a bit of handwarmth it remains a silent nose, so to speak. Some citrus and a touch of butterscotch, with a lot of effort. Something that reminds me of lighter filling, like for a Zippo. And something milky. Yoghurt or butter milk. Weird. Finally fish oil.

It is quite oily on the palate and mildly spicy. Some ginger and white pepper. Again white fruit and citrus, but also some caramel. Midpalate I get some brine which points me in the direction of Springbank or Caol Ila, but truth be told I have no idea.

In the rather short finish, it is the brine that dominates.

It is a very soft whisky, in fact, so probably around 43% or 46%, but no cask strength. Having said that, I was not swept away by it. Luc then let me know, after reading this note, that it was in fact the Johnnie Walker Black. I am not particularly surprised.

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BlueNote commented

I picked this one up at a duty free about 6 months ago and have regretted it ever since. There was plenty of choice at the duty free but I decided to give this one a go. It is a bit better now than it was initially, but the Green , the Gold and the standard Black are all much better IMO. It is as if they just dumped some essence of peat and some instant smoke into it. It is going to take me a long time to finish off this 1 litre bottle. I think you might have been more forgiving with this one than I was Mark. Perhaps I'll give it another chance. Cheers.

9 years ago 0

mct commented

The liquid smoke/instant smoke is the worst. I think thats what the industry uses to flavor beef jerky...

6 years ago 0

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