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Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Year Old

A Fantastic, Spicy Blend

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@jwiseReview by @jwise

10th Jan 2011


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Johnnie Walker's Green Label is aged 15yrs and is blended from pure malt whisky from four exceptional distilleries: Talisker, Cragganmore, Linkwood, and Caol Ila. I have before tasted their Black Label and Red Label, and I've got samples of the Gold and Blue in my cabinet. Look for those reviews sometime soon! However, I have heard over and over how the Green Label is: (a) the best of the range, or (b) if not the best, it is the best value in the range.

One problem with the Green Label locally is that the price varies incredibly. I have seen the whisky sell from $50 to $70, which is just silly. I refused to spend the $65-70 when I knew I could find it (eventually) for $50. So, when I finally found it for $50, I went for it.

The color of the whisky is a nice chardonnay, and comes in at 43% ABV.

Nose: Interesting... This definitely shows its lineage, with the pepper of Talisker and the smoke from Caol Ila coming through! At this point, this and a little sea air is all I am really getting. I'm sure once I take a sip or two, the whisky will open up a bit more. We'll see. Yep! I'm getting some soft fruits coming out now.

Body: Medium body. The whisky feels good in the mouth.

Palate: Some spice builds, and there is some smoke coming out in the back. On the third and fourth pull, I'm getting some citrus fruits (the fruit, not the rind). The whisky (at room temperature) feels cool in the mouth, which is quite refreshing. As the glass slowly empties, the dram gets more fruity: tangerine? Very robust flavor, which has been blended nicely for a well-rounded whisky profile. I feel somewhat like I have cheated, drinking a blend of single malts, but I'm getting over it!

Finish: Spicy, and medium long. Pepper, with smoke.

It has been a little while since I had a nice smokey malt. I have been drinking some great Speysides, and some unpeated Islays, but there is a special place in my heart for a little smoke!

I just poured myself another dram, as I am really enjoying this whisky. Kudos to Johnnie Walker for blending us up a fantastic pure vatted malt. Seriously, this is yummy. If you like a peppery malt with some smoke with just a little citrus fruit to round things out, check out the Green Label from Johnnie Walker!

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Victor commented

Thanks for a very nice review. I agree with you that this vatted malt whisky is fantastic. For me, though, 'fantastic' rates a lot better than 7.0. For me this is 8.5.

9 years ago 0

jwise commented

I understand. I am trying to show a disparity between the whiskies in my cabinet. For me, anything over 5 is a good, drinkable whisky.

9 years ago 0

Victor commented

I do understand that a grading scale is a personalized thing, and heavily dependent on whether the greater weighting is given to differentiation of the products or to absolute quality and enjoyment. Thank you for giving the context for your evaluations.

9 years ago 0

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