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Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Year Old


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@TicalReview by @Tical

22nd May 2011


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Im new to the game, so i don't really have much to compare the green label with, other than some small samples of some fine scottish whiskeys.

This bottle though. offers a sharply refined taste with some beautiful blends and spiciness from every sip. Even before i opened the bottle i knew that i was in for something quite magnificent. The box it came in had perfect 90 degree angles at each corner, showing true care for the product enclosed. after opening the box I reached in to pull the bottle out, as it slip out of its placeholder small particles of dust came out with it showing the bottles age and maturity. as I popped the lid i took a deep sniff off the top, the bottle produced a fine elegant smell that made me think of oak, grass fields and of course scotland.

I spent my time taking small sips of the amber liquid outside on a cool rainy night, the air was fresh, clean and with a hint of bushfire. it made me think though, it made me think a lot, about whats happened over my life so far, where I've gone and whats to come. I realised it then and their, this bottle has found a place in my heart, somewhere special, something i can keep there forever.

I rate this bottle quite high, because for the money you spend, you can truly have a fine evening, it also goes to show that a popular brand doesn't always mean less refinement and that it should still be respected as a fine bottle.

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Roysif commented

valid points, sir.

9 years ago 0

Tical commented

@Roysif, I've never met you but i don't quite think your qualified to determine the validity of my points

9 years ago 0

mattberg commented

who is qualified then, you?

9 years ago 0

rwbenjey commented

I think this is the best of the range.

9 years ago 0

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