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Kilchoman Machir Bay 2012

Garm Bays Loudly

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@CunundrumReview by @Cunundrum

10th Oct 2015


Kilchoman Machir Bay 2012
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Not, not Gorm. Garm! As in the Norse god dog aka "Hound of Hel." Yes, this peaty surprise has got me rolling my eyes in pleasure.

It's not all that sophisticated but it's satisfying. Reminds me a little bit of a Blackadder Smoking Islay that I drained last winter.

Nose: Nice deep peaty essence that is a little like Ardbeg. Red clay tilth. Fresh sea air. Wet sand. Nilla Wafers.

Palate: Wet hay, more peat, garlic, touch of smoke, rich flavorful peat, vanilla fudge.

Finish: Short at first and then makes a come-back to linger. Not sweet and not bitter. Goldie locks finish! Just right with a touch of honey comb, lemon rind and BBQ briquettes.

No water is needed for this dram and so I will not add any!

Many reviewers mix up BBQ meat with the petrol tint of briquettes. I do not since I don't cook with petroleum based products, nor do I store my left overs in plastic.

I like this dram. It's nice but a little expensive in my neck of the woods at nearly $70. For that price, I think I'd rather get a bottle of Uigeadail, at least until this Machir Bay gets a bit older.

As soon as it's up over 10 years then I will opt for the Kilchoman over the Ardbeg Uigeadail, which just keeps getting younger and younger. At the rate it's going, the Ardbeg will lose eventually and the tortoise-like Kilchoman will come out ahead in the race for fresh green from my wallet.

And here is the full quotation from the Poetic Eddy of Snorri, that piebald monk of yore who suspiciously held sway and allegedly "preserved" the Norse legends, which were pretty much all wiped out by necromancer warlocks feigning to be Christians:

Garmur bayed loudly / At the mouth of Gnipa Cave / The chains will be broken / Freco will rush out / Wise, she knows many things / But I see beyond / From the twilight of the Deities, the fierce Sigtíva.

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