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Knob Creek Maple whisky pilgrimage

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Jonathan started a discussion

Greetings fellow connoisseurs, I made a pilgrimage for some whisk(e)y: Laphroaig 10 and QC, Glenfarclas, Uigeadail, Talisker 10, and then Finlaggan (new to me)-- and also what I thought was Knob Creek but was Maple. I'm temporarily immobile, even though I can drive now, so returning a bottle is a waste of time.

The Knob Creek was the Smoked Maple one. I tasted it--very sweet, not undrinkable, but there may be a cocktail that would go with it? Any suggestions? I'm generally not one to throw out a bottle. My wife also likes mixed drinks.

Also:any thoughts about about the recent quality of Glenfarclas 105 (is it sulphured)? How is the Laphroaig Fino Cairdeas? Any good?

The place I drove to has every BTAC aside from the Pappy/s. Prices started at 399... I'b be interested to hear 1) what people think is best done with the KC Maple and 2) the general consensus on the Laphroaig Cardeis Fine.

5 years ago

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Jonathan replied

Spelling error in title noted...

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Jonathan replied

The Maple KC isn't bad. Nose is a bit sugary sweet, but the dominant flavors are still KC at 45%. I won't likely do the experiment again, but it could be worse,

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