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Knob Creek Maple whisky pilgrimage

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Jonathan started a discussion

Greetings fellow connoisseurs, I made a pilgrimage for some whisk(e)y: Laphroaig 10 and QC, Glenfarclas, Uigeadail, Talisker 10, and then Finlaggan (new to me)-- and also what I thought was Knob Creek but was Maple. I'm temporarily immobile, even though I can drive now, so returning a bottle is a waste of time.

The Knob Creek was the Smoked Maple one. I tasted it--very sweet, not undrinkable, but there may be a cocktail that would go with it? Any suggestions? I'm generally not one to throw out a bottle. My wife also likes mixed drinks.

Also:any thoughts about about the recent quality of Glenfarclas 105 (is it sulphured)? How is the Laphroaig Fino Cairdeas? Any good?

The place I drove to has every BTAC aside from the Pappy/s. Prices started at 399... I'b be interested to hear 1) what people think is best done with the KC Maple and 2) the general consensus on the Laphroaig Cardeis Fine.

15 days ago

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Jonathan replied

Spelling error in title noted...

13 days ago 0

Jonathan replied

The Maple KC isn't bad. Nose is a bit sugary sweet, but the dominant flavors are still KC at 45%. I won't likely do the experiment again, but it could be worse,

13 days ago 0

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