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Easily Forgotten

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29th Oct 2018


Label 5
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  • Brand: Label 5
  • ABV: 40%

La Martiniquaise, a French company, owns this very cheap blend. You can easily find it in the supermarket. It was first launched in 1969. Since 2008 Glen Moray is an important part of this blend (that’s when the distillery was purchased from Glenmorangie PLC). In 2009 it was actually one of the top ten blends sold with France as the most important market. In 2010 La Martiniquaise even opened the Starlow Grain Distillery to provide bulk for this blend. A bottle sets you back less than 15 EUR.

The nose offers only three things: cavaillon (melon), honey and butterscotch. Oh, wait. I get some candied sugar and allspice. It fulfills the expectations insofar as they were very low to begin with.

The mouthfeel is ridiculous. Watery on the palate and very weak taste-wise. I get a bit of melon, sugar and a floral hint, but also something metallic that tunes out everything else. Pity, but this goes south very quickly.

The finish is shorter than the time needed for the platoon of cyclists to pass your caravan (Tour De France, anyone?).

The nose was not much, the palate even less and the finish… what finish? One to quickly forget. But, hey, what did you expect?