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Lagavulin 16 Year Old

beach camping in a bottle

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@maxreclineReview by @maxrecline

10th Nov 2011


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If you don't like Lagavulin 16, you don't like scotch.

Nose of smoke, the ocean, salt, and wood. This smells like a bonfire at the beach and tastes like it, too with smoke and sea salt on the palate. sipping this is reminds me of eating raw oysters. the finish is as long as anything i've ever experienced. You'll have to wash the smell of Lag 16 out of your clothes if you have more than one glass.

Final Analysis: this might be the perfect whisky. All others will be compared to the enjoyment I get from a glass of Lag 16. Plus, every once in a while, my local CostCo sells it for about $50.

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britwhiskyfan commented

I think I might have to make a visit to CostCo

8 years ago 0

lan2424 commented

I have had the Lagavulin 16 a few times now. I finally recognized its brilliance and balance... This is truly a stellar dram and is easliy one of the best whisky's to hit my nose and palate. Wow, everything about it is well balanced, perfectly palated and draws to a nice long smoke and light oak finish. A bit of brown sugar on the palate after you savor the primary tastes of seaweed, smoke, light peat and slight lemon-grass. I last savored a couple drams before and with some fresh, raw oysters and was absolutely in heaven!! THIS IS A MEMORABLE WHISKY and will usher in the Autumn season well.

8 years ago 0

jwise commented

The Lag 16yr had my friends looking for the fire, as the smoke was wafting from my glass! Love it...

Try Ardbeg Uigeadal. It is very similar and very good!

8 years ago 0

Nurd52 commented

Is there a CostCo in Scotland? The only single malts they have at the moment where I live are the Glenlivet 12YO and Nadura cask. And they sold out of their 4 case allotment of Macallan private label 18YO weeks ago!

I'll have to get over there more often I guess.

8 years ago 0

mattberg commented

Was a big fan of Laphroaig Quarter Cask and 10yo CS in last years winter white-out but thought I'd try this for the milder 2012 winter... Am halfway through a bottle of this in two weeks... superb whisky: creamy, balanced, layered, smoked brine, mineral notes, flint, limes, cloves and ginger, an alluring dram will be buying this again

8 years ago 0

stevesmyth30 commented

Wow...Laggy at Costco? Not mine i'm afraid! I actually "earned my chops" as a scotch drinker on this beast 5 years ago. Its funny, I never liked Scotch before, then again all I had tried was the JB and/or Chivas from my fathers cabinet and always came away wanting to scrape my tongue clean. Then my brother poured me a dram of this one day while we were enjoying a cigar and POW... I was looking for a camp fire. The smokiness and brine are so profound in this. Its not a scotch one would think to learn on, but I did. Its sort of like learning to play golf on a set of Hogan blades.....

8 years ago 0

darktrader commented

Had my first extended time with Lag16 tonight - I told my buddy the legend that Johnny Depp buys this just to smell it and he was fascinated. The bar served it in a large brandy snifter, making the nose constantly happy!

I find the Uigedall MUCH bigger in character - to me the Lag is the smoothest of the Islays.

8 years ago 0

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