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Laphroaig 18 Year Old

The Wise Druid Elder

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@PeatyZealotReview by @PeatyZealot

12th Jul 2013


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Nose: at first a little shy and bitter, needs some time to open up. After a drop of water and ten minutes with a lid on I get summery hayfields, overripe pear, asphalt ,marzipan, vanilla sticks, toffee, roasted almonds and deep dark moisty celler oaktones. The peat is waaay in the background. After a while it gets softer with custard cake, resin smoke in a forest and even some jasmin green tea. Complex one, I could roll around it for ages:)

Palate: oak charr nuts,bit honey, unindentified organic peat organisms, drygrass, green pepper balls. You get sucked into a taste adventure of the highest order, the 18years really shine on the palate:) It slowly builds its flavors and it gets sweet and then it gets bitter, then salt and creamy and back to sweet and a bit sour again; all within 30 seconds in the mouth. There is so much going on that I feel too inexperienced to write something useful about this really. This has nothing to do with the 10yo or the quarter cask, its a totally different animal. The finish is long with a nice soft glow, woodsugars, smoke, ash, dry peat, barleynotes and finally some iodine pops up. Im halfway the bottle now after 3 months and it only got better over time. Its like the best Laphroaig that would be hard to recognize as a Laphroaig if it were sampled in a blind Islay test. Dark, stormy, strong, but also delicate and gentle. Mythical stuff, liquid sunrays.

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BlueNote commented

Well said @PeatyZealot This is great stuff, and as you say, in a far different league than the QC or the 10, both of which I also love. The 18, though, is just a different animal, much more oily and complex. Nice review, thanks.

9 years ago 0

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