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Laphroaig 18 Year Old

Evergreen, Peat, and Brown Sugars

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@BARutledgeReview by @BARutledge

15th Feb 2015


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Less smokey and peaty then most Laphroaig's. Seems a bit more sophisticated and complex, but not by being more floral or fruity. You find yourself waiting for whatever comes next, but it plays hard to get and takes its time to develop. I recommend this one from a scotch glass, I feel I get less from the nose, but more from everything else it has to offer.

  • From scotch glass, splash of water + a little extra water

Nose-21: light medicine, Apple pie, Bosc pear, hint of smoke

Palate-23: thick turbinado, peat, pine needles, pepper, pistachios, maple syrup

Finish-23: molasses, smoke, sweet prickly ginger, distant campfire that serves as a pause, then the finishes with coffee

Balance-24: smooth, sweet and smokey, long and complex.


  • From snifter, heavy splash of water

Nose-22: prickly evergreen, leather, subtle petrol, parsley

Palate-23: hot peat, cools down and lingers in the background through all other flavors; brown sugar, pine, caramel, and nougat

Finish-22: cedar, tobacco, heavy peat, a pause and then smoke comes through

Balance-23: Wood notes carries the theme.


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