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Laphroaig Quarter Cask

Peat with some muscle

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@lostboyscoutReview by @lostboyscout

25th Jan 2013


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Having recently sat down with this along side a 10 year Laphroaig, I did a direct comparison. I am relatively new to dissecting what I taste, thus I'm not very good at pulling apart the various influences. Nonetheless, my thoughts:

Nose: Crisp sea air, a little sweeter than the 10 perhaps? Subtle hints of the smoke to come.

Body: Fairly light but muscular!

Palate: At full strength, it packs a punch the 10 year does not have. A little water brings it down. The smoke is all around, but not as one-dimensionally as the 10 year (though also not as rich and smooth). Sweet notes are mixed in with this smoke. Decent complexity that I'm still discovering.

Finish: Medium-long, that smokey flavor tapers off along with a sweet note that the sip ends on.

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MCM commented

This bottle is definitely on my soon to buy list.

Being new to 'tasting' as well, did you allow the water and whisky to marry for awhile in the glass or did you notice a difference right away?

8 years ago 0

lostboyscout commented

Honestly, for the price, taste, and considering it's a non-chill filtered whisky at 48%, it's one of the best values around in my opinion. Definitely worth having on the shelf for almost any whisky drinker.

I let it sit a couple minutes while I nosed it once I added water, not sure how long it 'should' sit before sipping again. A little water definitely did widen its horizons as well as reducing the bite.

8 years ago 0

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