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Laphroaig Triple Wood


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25th Mar 2012


Laphroaig Triple Wood
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Admittedly this was the go-to scotch that pushed me over the edge and now nearly $2,000 poorer I have acquired a number of bottles of varying sorts often depending on the gentlemen who have blazed the path before me. I have typically found that when there are several review in the hi 80s and lo 90s, one can have pretty good confidence that they won’t be disappointed.

I will confirm that I don’t think you will be disappointed with this scotch BUT only on the condition that you drink it correctly – otherwise you will have simply another strong smokey Islay – albeit one with a lovely nose due to the sherry finish (I assume). And I, as seemingly others, find the smokey scotch intriguing but not necessarily ultimately desirable.

So what is it to “drink it correctly”?? I have taken to drinking my scotch in slowly my mouth formed as a straw and leaving it in the very front part of my mouth for sometime – slowly letting it move to the full first third of my tongue (or so – measurement precision not essential) and then finally after a tender affair, swallowing (no jokes at this point, please!). It is precisely this approach that has brought out so much of the sweet taste of scotch and corralled scotch as wild as A’bunadh and brought the meaning of Triple Wood to its full taste seemingly eliminating a significant amount of the smoky taste and enhancing the sherry taste including in the finish – which, while I appreciate some smokiness but not in the amount that is produced by a quick swig. I don’t understand why the taste would be so different with this approach BUT that has been my consistent experience.

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