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Lark Distillery The 100 Barrel Bottle

Properly Fancy

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@jdcookReview by @jdcook

9th Jul 2011


Lark Distillery The 100 Barrel Bottle
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As part of my birthday present my wife took me down to the Lark Distillery and said I could choose a couple of whiskies - and this was one of the. I'll paste the blurb here:

The 100 Barrel Bottle

A decade in the making, Lark is proud to announce their next special release Single Malt Whisky.

From the recesses of our whisky archives we have carefully collected 100mL samples from some of our most unique barrels and patiently stored them away, awaiting the day we had stashed 100 of the best whiskies.

And in a bold move (yes we had our sceptics!) we married them all together in a 30 year old Seppeltsfield Tawny Port barrel.

The result speaks for its self... 23 numbered bottles at Cask Strength - 62.9 % alc/vol.

“Sensational! So smooth yet complex! One of your best whiskies to date!” -just some of the accolades being heaped upon this little gem...

Beautifully presented in our 500mL collectors bottle, complete with solid brass embossed medallion and hand written label this Whisky

is destined for only the most astute Whisky aficionado’s.

The link for the facebook note is facebook.com/note.php/…

Now I'd heard about this and was interested, but at $200 Australian a bottle, I was a little skeptical, but they offered me a free tasting (and they didn't skimp on it, I got a full dram)! I wasn't writing notes, but I was very impressed, and bought one of the 23 bottles (bottle number 18 for the day of the month that my little girl was born). The bottle itself is wide, flat and very cute!

Anyway, on to the actual tasting!

Without water, the nose has the usual Lark maltiness and honey sweetness, but there is a rich meld of red fruits and raisins in there. There is a waft of smokiness mixed with oak and an earthy nuttiness in the background. Really thick, rich and almost meaty this nose.

With water, it becomes even more powerful and rich, really emphasizing the raisins, the smoke, and a hint of cinnamon. The wood mostly disappears, but the nuttiness and the maltiness are still ever-present in the background.

The mouth-feel neat is warm, rich and smooth. A real rich red-fruit mixed with toffee sweetness. The malt comes through after the initial wave along with a delicious mix of cinnamon and raisins. There is a sweet, spicy smokiness to it that is genuinely intriguing. A bit of water lightens it a little, emphasizing the cinnamon, but de-emphasizing the smoke. More red fruits, less toffee.

The finish is long and warm with that sweet cinnamony smokiness lasting for several minutes as the rich raisins and maltiness slowly fades.

As a friend of mine said when he saw I had this bottle, this is 'properly fancy.' This is the kind of special bottling that anyone would be happy to get ahold of. Proper cask strength, interesting story and genuinely fantastic!

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jdcook commented

Just for those who are interested, from The Lark's facebook page, here are the worldwide distributors:


The Marsalle Company (Importer) Robert Imperial Ph) 0011 1 847-451-6300 11550 King Street, Franklin Park, IL 60131 USA rob@marsalle.com


La Maison Du Whisky Daina Paulin Ph) (+33) 147 30 71 94 8/10 rue Gustave Eiffel, Z.A.C. Entrepots, 92110 Clichy, France d.paulin@whisky.fr

Van Wees Holland Nico Veerkamp Ph) +31-33-46-16-426 Malledijk 3B (unit 35-36-37-38) 3208 LA Spijkenisse, Holland nico@vanweesholland.com


La Maison Du Whisky Singapore Jeremy Moreau Ph) 0011 65 6733 0059 The Pier at Robertson Quay, 80 Mohamed SultanRoad #01-10, Singapore 2390213 jeremy@whisky.sg

Canada (Ontario)

AMV-Whiz Trading ltd. Import Agent for 'Liquor Control Board Ontario' Ildefonso Go Ph) + 905-846-0086 164 Queen Mary Drive, Brampton, Ontario, Canada L7A 1Z6 ildefonso%5Fgo@rogers.com

12 years ago 0

jdcook commented

Also, if someone could edit the review so that the underling under the line 'is destined for only the most astute Whisky aficianado's.' is separated from that line by a single empty line, so it doesn't turn it into a heading... :p

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