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Littlemill or St Magdalene

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Pandemonium started a discussion

I've been offered two bottles, but only have enough cash at hand to buy one. Both are from lost Lowland distilleries that I haven't tried yet. Normally I would say I would choose a St Magdalene, as it is often described as one of the better lowland distilleries out there and the bottle, a 1982/2008 Blackadder Raw Cask gets decent reviews. The other one is a 1991-2012 Whisky Doris Littlemill, which is worth less, comes from a distillery that some absolutely adore, others hate their light lemony malts, but it gets even better reviews and scores higher. Any input from people who've actually tried some of these?

10 years ago

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St Magdalene's the famously more collectible I guess, but for interesting flavours my pick would be the Littlemill. We have the Berry's Own Selection Littlemill up at the Soho Whisky Club at the moment (it's #260 over at Whisky Discovery - whisky-discovery.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/…), and it's an absolute joy to taste. Light, sweet, delicate, elegant, playful, and gorgeous. Not lemony at all. Such are the joys of single cask whisky!

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Nozinan replied

I would recommend the distillery you HAVEN'T tried.

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Pandemonium replied

Thanks, jasonbstanding. @Nozinan, I've never tried one of these distilleries. Normally I would not buy one of these without trying a few samples first, but it is part of a deal I made with a fellow malt-enthusiast, I trade a few bottles + some cash for one of these. I had my pick btw, I chose the St. Magdalene. It was supposed to be my first Lost distillery, but last saturday I bought myself a Lochside, so it will probably be my second.

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