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Lochside 1965/2011 Adelphi Single Blend

Dessert is served at Lochside

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@PandemoniumReview by @Pandemonium

8th Oct 2016


Lochside 1965/2011 Adelphi Single Blend
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The history of Lochside was short, but by far more eventful than that of many others. Not only did they produce both single malt & grain, but also made a blend of them. Something known as a ‘single blend’ by the industry until the term was later banned by the SWA, probably just to spite Loch Lomond. To make it even more special, the blending process did not take place right before bottling, but both spirits were married at birth! The end product was known as Sandy Macnab’s old blended scotch. However some of those single blend casks lived to be bottled another day... and so was this Adelphi, 46years later to be exact.

Description: distilled in 1965, matured for 46 years in refill sherry Harveys bodega butt #6778 and bottled in 2011 by independent bottler Adelphi at 52.3% ABV.

Nose: a true sherry explosion: varnish and salty soy sauce with a trace of peat smoke, a puree of ripe banana with strawberry and more red berries along the way. But the experience goes deeper with notes of nutmeg, eucalyptus, cinnamon sticks, cigar tobacco, leather and old books. It has the meaty qualities of a steak saignant, perhaps something I would serve with a piece of venison.

Mouth: is this whisky? It simply can’t be, this has to be rum, mind you the best rum that I’ve ever tasted! Smooth and round body with a fruity, syrupy and candied concoction of sherry and prunes on the palate, the bitterness of oak, with a trace of liquorice and lemongrass. Some black pepper, roasted chestnuts and bittersweet chocolate.

Finish: long….. coffee with a dash of ginger, served with a Mon-Chéri liqueur chocolate.

Verdict: Lochside my eternal muse, such variation in appearance but always that same old Lochside heart beating inside. What will I do when my your last bottles run dry? No, this is something entirely different from what most of us expect from a whisky: yes, it has layers aplenty, yet all of them far too exotic for cold and rainy Scotland. A must try…for sure!

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BlueNote commented

A must try indeed, but at what price? Single blend is a term I have never heard before. You learn something new every day...if you are paying attention. :-)

Very informative review @Pandemonium,

7 years ago 0

Pandemonium commented

@BlueNote Exchanged samples of Lochside with a fellow collector. Finding a bottle today might be a pricy and exhausting endavour. But hey, you never know what other collector's might still have in their cabinet

7 years ago 0

paddockjudge commented


Thank you for an informative and engaging review. Extremely enjoyable.

7 years ago 0

Alexsweden commented

Yes thank you! I have never tried a Lochside, it sounds very nice. Also I really like the design of Adelphi's bottles.

7 years ago 0

Ol_Jas commented

"...probably just to spite Loch Lomond"

That's sure to be the best single line I read in my skim of whisky sites today!

7 years ago 0