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Longmorn 15 Year Old

Sherried Liquorice Root

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@PandemoniumReview by @Pandemonium

27th Oct 2016


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Longmorn, the next victim in the Mortlachification that holds the industry in its grasp. And it needn’t surprise anyone, the spin doctor behind this rebranding is no one less than Georgie Bell, yes you’ve guessed it the same one who put good old Mortlach in expensive glassware with an astronomical price tag. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to rant about the good old days. And in my honest opinion the quality of the new Mortlach line up is superior to that of the F&F 16yo, but Diageo is just too greedy when it comes to pricing. When people tend to get melancholic about the good old days, it is often useful to do a retrospective and inquire if the old days were indeed so much better. Enter the Longmorn 15, long since replaced by a – to some inferior – 16yo release.

Description: released in the 90’s, matured for 15 years in presumably mostly sherry casks, bottled at 45% ABV.

Nose: mildly sherried, notes nutmeg, butterscotch, orange tea, cloves, a touch of honey and a subtle hint of oak.

Mouth: medium bodied, slightly bitter on the palate, yet spicy with a slight metallic side note. Mostly vanilla and tangerines, with a sheer amount of oak and liquorice root.

Finish: short, with subtle spices, fruity notes and a fair dash of nutmeg.

Verdict: what can we say about the good old days? Well they certainly weren’t bad, they could entertain you and your friends for an evening, but it is not like we lost a monument to single malt whisky here. If it wasn’t for the hefty price tag, I would suggest to give the new Longmorn a chance and pick up an old bottle of 15 or 16yo if you still find it at an acceptable price.

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Taco commented

This is a good whisky, but not the great one some people say (at least to me). Your 84 is a reasonable rating, and I'd probably go 85, so we are basically in agreement there. I'm not sure it is 100% sherry barrels, as I get a bit of bourbon barrel accents, but could be 2nd fill sherry barrels. I had the 16 several years back, and found it also good (86ish), but totally different to the 15 and wayyyyy too expensive, so I never bought it again. Now they up the ante, price wise, and I'll never even look at their bottles.

7 years ago 0

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