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Longmorn 15 Year Old

Gone but not forgotten

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@phoenixReview by @phoenix

14th Mar 2012


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I want to start this review by saying that this whisky rates number 1 in my collection of well over 150 whiskies. It also rates number 1 in our whisky club amongst members. It is truly a spectacular whisky.

This speysider is a ‘dearly departed whisky’, no longer made and replaced by the 16 year old. However, you can still get it at auction and specialist whisky shops if you hunt for it and I encourage you to do so!

Colour: Amber to deep golden

Nose: Smooth, rich and elegant, toffee, malty

Mouthfeel/Texture: Mouth filling, creamy

Palate Smooth and sweet , clean, soft fruits, slightly drying.

Finish: Long finish, slightly nutty, very very elegant

I cannot over stress how good this whisky is. If you haven't tried this before I promise you it will have a profound affect on your appreciation of whisky. I am buying and storing as many as I can get my hands on while old stocks hold out and am constantly asked to provide bottles to others (I am fully licensed).

Replaced by the 16 year old with its 'showy' bottle and packing for the foreign market, the 15 year old is a truly spectacular single malt, get it above the 16 year old every time.Track a bottle down, and then find as many as you can!

The Longmorn 15 year old - RIP - (lets hope I have enough bottles to last my lifetime).

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