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Longrow 2000 7 Year Old Gaja Barolo Finish

The Whisky Club Starts Review 2!

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@SquidgyAshReview by @SquidgyAsh

13th Jan 2013


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I'd started a local whisky club with the help of my brother in law and a few regulars of my imported beer shop.

I'd finally decided to do that when so many of my regular customers had complained about whiskies.

What whiskies would they like? What whiskies were good, what whiskies were bad, what whiskies were worth the price that was being charged for them in the bottleshops?

So many questions, and the only way to get the answers was for them to try different whiskies.

I guess I'd just have to suffer along with them.

Poor me hahaha the lengths I go to provide good customer service for my customers.

Just so you know I have a giant grin right now.

Now my brother in law had tried a few mehish whiskies and a couple of good ones.

At this time the good ones we'd tried were Talisker 18 yr old and Longrow 7 Year Old Gaja Barolo Wood.

My brother in law has been a fan of the Campbeltown whiskies for a while now, ever since his first Springbank.

Now when we're out trying whiskies my brother in law share, it's the best way to expand your range for the cheapest amount of money.

Now we'd just tried the Talisker 18 yr old which was sexy, now it was time to try the Longrow Gaja Barolo Wood.

A nice dark whisky comes out in a tasting glass similar to a glencairn and my brother in law noses it first then tries it and deems it "Very good!"

He then hands me the glass, ripe sexy fruit aromas float up out of the glass, mainly grapes, but you can definitely see the wine cask finishing influences.

Then the smoke and peat appear with some hints of pepper, it's a lovely little nose and I can immediately see why my brother in law pronounced it very good.

Time to take a taste of my brother in law's whisky though!

Thick oily mouthfeel that covers every inch of my mouth with a delicious smoky fruity flavor. Lovely thick leather flavors surrounded in that smokey fruit with just a hint of salt and I'm sitting here grinning going "Very good!" to myself.

The finish is long with smokey peat fruit drenched in salt that just lingers forever. I'm loving this whisky!

Even better is this whisky is surprisingly affordable, especially for a cask strength at roughly $145 AUS.

It's a nice play between the big smoke and peat of Longrow and the sexy Italian wine influence of the cask. At no point does either side dominate, but rather they compliment one another, playing with each other, making a beautiful complex dram.

If you get a chance to try this whisky, DO SO!

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