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Lost Distillery Company Gerston Blended Malt Whisky

Gerston Blended Malt Redux

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@VictorReview by @Victor

30th Jan 2016


Lost Distillery Company Gerston Blended Malt Whisky
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  • Brand: Lost Distillery Company
  • ABV: 46%

The Lost Distillery Company here attempts to create a near duplicate of the now extinct Gerson Blended Malt Whisky. The reviewed sample is compliments of @Robert99

Colour: very pale, one of the palest whiskies I have seen

Nose: lots of shades of wine flavours, gentle peat with a little smoke and salt, gentle malt with a strongly cereal quality. This is smooth and relatively complex. Water added raises the pitch, merges the flavours together, and increases the perceived sweetness. This is more interesting without water. Score: 22/25

Taste: lovely dry wine flavours such as dried dark fruits...prunes, raisins, pair with citrus as the main theme. Gentle peat and a little smoke follow through onto the palate as well. The cereal aspect of the barley grain remains. Water added merges everything together and increases sweetness. Score: 22/25

Finish: there is a rather long finish, migrating strongly in the direction of tart sour citrus on a background of peat. The wine flavours exit early. Water added dilutes and somewhat mellows the very sour finish and brings out peat very strongly. Score: 19/25

Balance: very good balance on the nose and on the delivery; no more than fair balance on the finish. Score: 19/25

Total Sequential Score: 82 points

Strength: medium strength in the nose; very strong upon delivery; medium-strong on the finish. Score: 22.5/25

Quality: excellent wine flaovurs; adequate grain flavours; ok light peat and smoke. Score: 22/25

Variety: very good variety in the nose and on the delivery; fair variety on the finish. Score: 21/25

Harmony: very good in nose and on delivery; fair to poor on the finish. Score: 18/25

Total Non-Sequential Score: 83.5 points

Comment: I like the first half of the sequential tasting sequence with Gerston quite a lot. The finish goes too sour for me to enjoy it


Robert99 commented

@Victor It is very interesting for me to know your perception of this Whisky. It is probably one of your review that illustrate the most the difference in our taste. I perceive sugar way more than you but the counterpart of it is that the citrus flavor (and other flavors) is masked by it. I like the Gerston more than you and the Cutty Sark Prohibition less mainly because of the sugar. Its certainly affect our perception of the balance. In any case, it is very educational. Thanks.

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