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Lot No. 40

Canadian rye??? OMG!!!

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@Robert99Review by @Robert99

28th Sep 2014


Lot No. 40
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When I first taste Old Potrero 18th Century style, my reaction was why Canadian rye have always the same profile, why Canadian rye can be that good?!!! Well, now I can say Canadian Rye can be that good! And be sure it is not patriotism since it is quite canadian to look at ourselves as good second level performer. But not this time!

It is the first time I encounter such a ripe banana nose with that much spices, nutmeg and cinnamon. Wow! With the vanilla, you have a fantastic custard. When I add some Special K cereal and rose water, I am simply blown away.

The palate is in line with the nose with even more ripe banana to which you can add a nice red tea and some plum. Fantastic!

The banana and the floral notes are lingering for ever on the finish. What a surprise!

The balance is there. It is a very coherent whisky with all the exotic notes you are not expecting from a Canadian dram. A very sweet dessert dram with maybe the best value you can find; that is, at least, in Canada where it is only 40$!

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Victor commented

100% rye whisky is MY idea of 'real Canadian whisky'. Too bad it is not most Canadian distillers' idea of Canadian whisky. I will look for ripe banana the next time I have some Lot 40. I love ripe banana.

9 years ago 0

Robert99 commented

Usually I find that oxydation enhance the ripe banana, that is at least for the 4 to 6 first months. So, hopefully, time is on your side. I am with you about the 100% rye whisky. May I add that I prefer when they hold the maple in leach. If they want to put the flag on the bottle that is fine with me; but, please, keep it out of it!

9 years ago 0

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