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Lot No. 40

A developing and complex Canadian.

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@MatthieuReview by @Matthieu

2nd Nov 2014


Lot No. 40
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Lot No. 40 2012 release. A "single copper pot still" Canadian whisky "made with malted rye". I have read that it is made of 90% rye grains and 10% rye malt, though I can't find official confirmation. I bought this bottle during a spirits sale at the Québec liquor store, the SAQ. Regular price: 40$CAD.

Drunk neat. First glass from the bottle.

Nose: Sweeter than I expected from a whisky made of rye. Caramel and vanilla with some mint and slightly spicy. Everything I expected from a Canadian whisky.

Taste: It arrives soft and syrupy, with caramel up front as the nose promised. For the first few seconds, It reminds me a bit of the Redbreast Irish whiskey, though this does not last: the Lot No. 40 rapidly turns sour and slightly bitter as fruit notes (citrus) and rye spices take over.

Finish: Pepper dominates here, with other spices and fresh oak lasting for quite a long time.

Balance: From the sweet attack, through the sour and fruity middle and finishing with the peppery and spicy finale, this is a very interesting sipper. It is not the most balanced and it is rather aggressive, which some might not like, but I would recommend trying it.

Will I be buying it again? It is certainly a very interesting whisky (especially for a Canadian whisky) and it can easily be win a permanent place in my cabinet. I do prefer other Canadians (Wiser's Legacy and the Forty Creek Pot Still Reserve), but both are quite hard to come by here in Québec. I can also see it becoming the base for some rye cocktails.

All in all, I say it's a must try. Every sip seems to bring out something different.

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CognacFan commented

For me this one has a real strong smell of ''Dill'' that even migrates into the taste. A bit challenging, but not completly off-putting. Very nice for a canadian especially for the price.

9 years ago 0

Robert99 commented

@Matthieu my bottle was first full of tropical notes and now it's moving to the floral side with a grappa note. I really like it but I think that is what you taste as sour, so I would advise you to drink it fast before oxygen turns it into a sour mash. We don't taste whisky the same way at all. For example, Forty Creek Pot Still Reserve is way to sweet for my taste and I don't like maple in my glass. I like the blast of orange in it and the price but I will not buy a new bottle. For me LO 40 IS OF STELLAR QUALITY compare to FC Pot Still.

Par ailleurs, je suis de la rive nord de MTL et je vais habituellement 2 à 3 fois par année à la LCBO. Je pourrais t'aviser avant ma prochaine excursion et pourrais être une mule. Si cela t'intéresse, laisse-le moi savoir...

9 years ago 0

Matthieu commented

Merci pour l'offre. Je n'ai besoin de rien en ce moment, mais je la garde en note.

9 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

Ah, la langue secret des Canadiens....

9 years ago 0