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Macallan 7 Year Old Giovinetti Special Selection

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Macallan 7 Year Old Giovinetti Special Selection

Product details

  • Brand: Macallan
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 40.0%
  • Age: 7 year old

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Macallan 7 Year Old Giovinetti Special Selection

My Italian Connosr-friend @luccadanna1985 sent me a sample of this somewhat rare 7 year old Macallan, bottled especially for the Italian market by Giovinetti & Figli. You can still find it in several places, but look around before you buy (prices range from 40 EUR to 120 EUR). It was matured on a sherry cask, what Macallan is most famous for. It was bottled in the mid 80s of the last century.

The dark, full gold colored dram beads beautifully, indicating a full body. A nice start.

On the nose I get the expected sherry notes, but also something herbal and candlewax. Furthermore apple, pear and even melon. Weird aromas of wet sand and tin can seem somewhat out of place. A slightly sour touch pops in and out. I can't really put it into words.

The candlewax returns in full force on the palate, with leather, caramel and quite some allspice. Tangerines and licquorice. A bitter side too. Walnuts.

The finish is less sweet than expected. It dies a bitter death.

I confess I had higher expectations for this special bottling. I'm feeling a bit dissatisfied.

I was waiting for you to review this dram Mark! I quite agree, it's nothing too fancy, certainly good if compared to today's young macallan's but, again, nothing to write home about! Now I'm waiting for the Laphroaig unblended, that should be much better!

of course not, as always it will take two days from belgium to the italian border and then I don't know, maybe they use pidgeons to deliver, 'cause it always takes more than ten days! Poste Italiane rules!!! By the way, the fun was mine sir! :)

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