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Macallan Fine Oak Masters Edition

Average score from 2 reviews and 3 ratings 85

Macallan Fine Oak Masters Edition

Product details

  • Brand: Macallan
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 42.8%

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Macallan Fine Oak Masters Edition

It was down to a bit of luck (and poor football) that led me to this bottle. A bet at work with a Liverpool fan (easily won by me) meant that he had to buy me a bottle of whisky. There i was expecting something standard when i opened the bag and found this beauty! I was well impressed, and that continued when i got around to opening the bottle recently.

It has a wonderful light golden yellow colour which really draws you in, wanting more! On the nose i found pine cones, like a woodland smell which reminded me of old camping weeks away to Danbury with school! Also hints of digestive biscuit, and a light bourbon aroma.

To taste, its a smooth dram, with the woodland aroma continuing through to your tastebuds! After leaving it to "breathe" for a while, it seemed to lighten as well, and bring out a fruityness that wasnt there on first sip. The finish was fairly short, but it was a tangy/zingy one that you wouldnt forget for a while!

All in all, i notice i can waffle in these reviews, but seriously it's a really enjoyable whisky, soft yet powerful in its own way, a higher class of Macallan!


For decades, Macallan was known as the distillery that matured solely on sherrycasks, because they felt this creates the best whisky. We all know that sherry casks are quite a bit more expensive than the ubiquitous bourbon casks. Their high-end sherry-matured whisky sold tremendously. So much so that they ran into trouble sourcing sherry casks, that became increasingly rarer and thus even more expensive. But the marketing dudes at Macallan came up with a solution, allowing Macallan to use bourbon casks after all: they introduced - in 2004 - the Fine Oak range. I have tasted quite a few of those already, but today we'll try a variant: the Fine Oak Masters Edition. It is bottled at a slightly higher strength of 42,8% ABV. It's a mix of both sherry and bourbon casks.

The nose is simply marvellous. Delicate and floral with high notes of citrus, vanilla, peach and low notes of sweet malt, pineapple and hazelnuts.

On the palate, it is quite creamy and soft, only mildly spicy, with a lot of vanilla, malt and a touch of coconut. Very fresh and crispy. It feels somewhat young, but that doesn't detract in the least. It's even got a whiff of salt, that creates a nice balance.

The finish is drying on vanilla, white chocolate and ends a touch bitter (but not too much, luckily).

Despite is (probably) young age (I'm not sure about that), this is by far the best Fine Oak I've had the pleasure of tasting. About 60 EUR.

Thank you for a very informative review @markjedi1.

Is it just me, or is Macallan to whisky what Sony is to electronics and Honda is to cars, with respect to price? Sure, the quality is generally consistent and above average, but you are definitely going to pay a premium price simply due to the name of the distiller/manufacturer...and the producer knows it?!?...so endeth the rant. :)

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