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Macallan Cask Strength

Powerful and punchy

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@MrAnon12345Review by @MrAnon12345

1st Jan 2012


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The best way to describe this is what comes on the label -- it's a cask-strength version of Macallan, with flavors very reminiscent of the Macallan 12.

The higher proof, obviously, brings up the alcohol, both on the nose and through the body of the scotch. The lack of chill filtration brings in a very interesting note on the nose of what I can best describe as the kind of rank, cave-aged notes you'd get from nice cheeses (with which this scotch would pair quite nicely). And the lack of cutting means that all the traditional Macallan flavors are present in abundance: sherry casking, smooth sweetness, and vanilla/citrus notes.

All in all, it's not for everyone. I certainly won't be drinking it on a daily basis -- it's just too much for steady consumption. But it does exactly what it says on the label, and if you're in the mood for it, it's really very nice. Worth a try if you like both Macallan's standard line (the 12yo, say), and you also like stronger spirits.

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chuckfinley commented

Nice review. I found it interesting that you compared this to the Macallan 12. I personally hate the 12 year but loved this. Agree that it is not for everyone but if you can handle the high ABV I think there is great flavor to be found for a relatively inexpensive bottle!

9 years ago 0

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