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Macallan Director's Edition

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Macallan Director's Edition

Product details

  • Brand: Macallan
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 40.0%

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Macallan Director's Edition

The bottle assures me that discerning directors will appreciate this malt... it goes on to say it’s smooth. Hmmm we shall see.

The nose has something distinctly sulphurous about it, which is a bad start, sherry and butter are evident under the sulphur. I don’t think I’m very sensitive to sulphur, and certainly am not put off by it unduly, but the aroma here is poor because of it.

Less sulphur on the palate and lots of rich sherry flavours come out with butter, blackcurrants and not a little smoke. The finish is sweet and smoky but the sulphur makes an unwelcome return to prominence.

Certainly not smooth, and while the flavours make it drinkable, the overall quality and balance is poor.

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