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Macallan Edition No. 1

Half-Way to Paradise

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@VictorReview by @Victor

2nd Nov 2016


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My thanks to @newreverie for the reviewed sample. Macallan Edition No. 1 was released in 2015 and features a no age statement whisky from 8 different cask types, which are not identified

Nose: this is unusual and interesting. Fruit is the first and strongest theme, with the biggest flavour being that of lightly-sweetened apricot. Wood influence is quite noticeable, but is not dominating. Wine influence is fairly subtle, and oozes around the edges. The sweet and dry balance is very good. After 10 minutes in the glass you can nose a little sulphur in the mix. Score: 22/25

Taste: good translation of flavours to the mouth, with the wine flavours now taking prominence. How clean is the sherry? There is clearly sulphur here, but this still can be enjoyed to a degree despite the sulphur. Without sulphur this would be a 23-24 point palate. Score: 20/25

Finish: more of the same, for a long sherried and sulphured finish. Score; 19/25

Balance: very good balance in the nose, adequate balance thereafter. Score: 20/25

Water added brings out wine and sulphur in both the nose and the palate

Total Sequential Score: 81 points

Strength: good strength of flavours in the nose; very good strength of flavours thereafter. Score: 22/25

Quality: flawed sulphured wine casks greatly reduce the overall quality. Score: 18/25

Variety: good to very good variety of flavours. Score: 21/15

Harmony: this works well enough to enjoy it even if you are sulphur sensitive, which I am. 20.5/25

Total Non-Sequential Score: 81.5 points

Comment: Words from the song: "Don't lead me halfway to Paradise,...so near, yet so far away." This would have been 90+ whisky with clean casks. This is certainly drinkable the way it is, but those who taste and smell sulphur will not be able to ignore its sulphur contamination. I am very grateful to have sampled this Macallan Edition No. 1. The experience reconfirms all of my recent experience that it is very risky to buy any wine-cask Scottish malt without having sampled it first

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newreverie commented

@Victor the 8 casks are identified on the box along with a surprising amount of additional information. They are 1st Tevasa Butts, 1st Toneleria Hudo Butts, 1st Vasyma Puncheons, 1st J&M Martin Butts, 1st Gonzalez Byass Butts, 1st Tevasa Puncheons, 2nd Sherry Hogsheads, 2nd Sherry Butts. Additionally the blend ratio is 58% butt, 23% hogshead, 19% puncheon. Also at least 80% comes from 'exceptional' casks, while spirit and sherry seasoning comprise the remaining 15% and 5%.

4 years ago 0

Victor commented

@newreverie, thanks very much for filling in the blanks.

4 years ago 0

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