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Macallan Estate Reserve

Just Beautiful

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@VolksReview by @Volks

16th Jan 2013


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From the 1824 collection comes the Estate Reserve. A no age statement released along with Select Oak, Whisky Makers Edition and Oscuro. The Estate is pricy and i believe reasonably exclusive to the Travel Market (duty free) for 270AUD.

As mentioned before its a no age statement whisky consisting of i at least prodominent sherry maturation. Its Fantastic

  • Nose: Big and buttery mostly sweet, rich, fruity, toffee malt, caramel lemon and orange citrus, touch of brandy and wood spice at the back. With water really buttery and rich, cask has really been pulled back now, there is some spice lingering around but this now (after maybe half a teaspoon of water) is a big sweet sherry monster. Almost crème caramel, plenty of fudge, apple, apricots, pears and peaches as well.

  • Pallet: Starts sweet with dark caramel and fruit then big old sherry notes dominate, tannins, wood spice, tobacco goes into orange marmalade and apple quite dry compared to the nose. A muscular feel. With water much sweeter, cough sweets, continues from the nose a bit more far more balanced with wood spice not quite being so aggressive stewed tea note is more noticeable and big time vanilla

  • Finish: Lasts and lasts, comes in bouts and wafts cask notes and gentle acidity caramel pops back as well. A big big whisky. With water still lingers but is much more gentle in its approach, tobacco and wood spice are prominent here, for such a muscular (and sweet) whisky the finish is surprisingly clean and dry.

  • Mark – Neat 8.9, with water 9.6

this whisky is beatuful, rich complex even challenging, with water the balance of the liquid : cask is greatly improved, but be careful it doesnt need much.

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