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Macallan Gold 1824 Series


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@vanPeltReview by @vanPelt

1st Dec 2013


Macallan Gold 1824 Series
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My official rating is for the original tasting. (I rated 4 points lower for a sample that had been allowed to oxidize for a couple weeks. Changes are noted below.)

Nose: A young, grassy type of lemon, with equal parts hay and sour cream. Yet a sweetness of brown sugar. (The lemon and sugar disappeared from the aged sample.)

Palate: Lemon cream entrance. The initial vanilla flattens as zest/ginger rises. Green apple emerges with delicate balanced oak, expressed like malty caramel and vanilla. (Aged sample became acrid-- e.g. more lemongrass than lemon cream, more bitter zest, etc.)

Finish: Malty, neither dry nor sweet, with remnant sour apple skins.

Overall tangy with light oak influences. Not remarkable, worsens with time, and is easily replaceable with alternatives. For example, I find it most similar in style to Auchentoshan's Select. It is also reminiscent of Balvenie's 12DW, but more citrusy. Something about the hay and sour cream recalls the Highland Park 12, despite differences. I am also reminded of the higher quality Three Ships 10yo, the difference being this Gold had less less honey/banana.

Macallan's Amber, the next step up from Gold, is also similar. The difference is that the Amber is smoother (less sour) with the drawback of seeming less "lively". (The Amber seems to age less painfully, however.)

If I should recommend the Gold, I would say (1) finish it rather soon, and (2) you should be someone who enjoys "lively" (zesty) malts without much sensitivity to sourness/bitterness.

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