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Macallan Travel Series 1920s

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Macallan Travel Series 1920s

Product details

  • Brand: Macallan
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 40.0%

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Macallan Travel Series 1920s

In 2001 Macallan released the so-called Travel Series in small boxes that you could put next to each other to created a little diorama with a car, boat, train and plane. Nice gimmick, but is the whisky any good? I am tasting from a bottle called Twenties, which was only added to this series in 2004. According to the PR-department, this whisky should be a re-creation of Macallan from that era.

The sherry is immediately present on the nose. Apricots, oranges, pineapple, blackberries. Quite dry, to be honest. A bit of chocolate. Mild smokiness. Soft woodspice.

The attack is soft and gently spiced. Again all sweet sherry. The fruit is now of the dried variety. Chocolate returns. Does turn a bit sour, now.

The finish is soft and warm with a hint of nuts.

This is what was sipped during the Roaring Twenties? I am not really impressed. Too dry and a tad too sour to my taste. Long gone, unless you wish to cough up £150 for this 500ml bottle at an auction. Thanks, Jan VC, for the sample.

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