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Mackmyra Brukswhisky

Delicate Apple Fruit

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20th Mar 2012


Mackmyra Brukswhisky
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Light, floral, fruity, delicate, aetherial, fey. These are all words one could and might use to describe this one. And we don't often describe Swedes that way, do we! And not remotely what I was expecting here, though the "apple" notes for Mackmyra are well known. Is this uber-cool stylish sophisticated sexy Stockholm, in a glass ? Maybe, maybe not - rather more one-dimensional, like so many Swedes are. It's nice, balanced, light and clear, not overpowering, and as far from the Viking heritage as say elderflower cordial is. But, I would happily drink it, as a "Summer scotch" not a "Winter warming" one. Would be interesting to compare this style with the "second" whisky of Sweden, "Spirit of (H)Ven" - the island is the "Pearl of the Orosund". There are nine distilleries in Sweden - sounds a lot, maybe, but then it is Europe's third largest country, and little Islay in Scotland just 30 miles long has as many. Anyhow, try some Mackmyra - I hope to visit their destilleri in Gavle shortly North of Stockholm.




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Gold commented

I did visit Gavle - a couple of hours on the fast train North of Stockholm - and the old Mill Distilleri (Swedish spelling) as well as the high-tech new one, just out of town, opened 17.12.11. Impressive. But the crazy Swedish system of not allowing any retail of alcohol just takes the edge off things.

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