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Mackmyra First Edition

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@NozinanReview by @Nozinan

19th Feb 2016


Mackmyra First Edition
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Mackmyra is a Swedish single malt. I know very little about this whisky. It was brought to a tasting of my whisky club, and the last 25 cc were left for me to review. Now, a month and a half later, I have a chance to get to it. The label says that 5.4% of the casks used were made of “Roasted Swedish Oak”, and 46% of the casks were “small” (100 L). They were matured in the Bodås mine. And the expression is dedicated to “Pioneers”. It is bottled at 46.1%, contained no additives (no colorant) and is not chill-filtered. The age is not stated.


Neat: Rich, Cola, rootbeer, red fruits, black licorice, sherbet, red jubejube candy (though, ironically, no “Swedish Berries”). Some caramel. Every sniff over five minutes seems a little different. Quite a few layers to this one. A slight spirit hint. 22/25

With water and a few minutes: Dampens the brighter notes, does not bring out any new notes. I lost the cola and root beer.20/25


Neat: Sweet arrival, with spicy alcohol burn. The development has a sour note to it. Pleasant, but a little hot. Also, thin mouthfeel, not as rich as the nose promises. Tastes “young”. 21/25

With water: Creamier mouthfeel, still a bit hot. Drier arrival and development through to the finish. With time it develops an unpleasant bitterness. 20/25

Finish is short, dry. Unremarkable 19/25

Balance: The nose delivers more than the palate, but the flavours seem to work well together. They just aren’t too remarkable. 21/25

Aggregate score (without water because I liked it better that way): 83/100

I really liked the nose before I added water, but there is nothing in this malt that I can’t find in others that I enjoy more. $67 at the LCBO, I would argue that I could find whiskies I like better there for the same price or cheaper.

I didn’t finish the dram.

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cricklewood commented

@Nozinan Nice review, I haven't posted mine on here. At first I wasn't too impressed with this but after having been open for 6-7 months now and really giving myself some time to figure it out, I like it.

I like the interplay of the fruit,candy aspects with the more resin/juniper/bitter like tone underneath which I haven't personally experienced in a lot of whisky. It's spirity and young but I think some time and a higher abv might be interesting. I think it's nice that they are not directly replicating scotch traditions, like Amrut in some ways.

8 years ago 0

Pudge72 commented

A very good review @Nozinan. The 'nose is the strength of this whiskey' and the 'youthfulness' notes are spot on, imho.

Like @cricklewood, I like this bottle, but @whiskyjoe and I (after opening the bottle at the end of December) both are looking forward to seeing how the open bottle develops over the next couple of months. Could be a very good summer whiskey.

Thanks to my wife, and my dad and his wife, for conspiring to get this for me for Christmas!

8 years ago 0