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26th Jul 2013


Mackmyra First Edition
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Sweden has over the past few years gone from being a stereotypical northern-european drinkers with a drinkers complex of quantity over quality. Well the past decade, in terms of whisky at least, it has been more and more about the quality. The whisky-club paraphernalia in Sweden nowadays is something of expertise and impressive competence.

This seems to have translated well into my home-country's entry into whisky production with this Mackmyra First edition. It's non-chill filtered, no caramel in sight and is made netirely by swedish goods (including swedish oak! 5,4% of it!)

Without further ado let's review this!

Nose: The nose is light but rich, very rich! It is very complex as well as abit spirity (which is no-surprise considering the age) but the spirity-ness has a eau-de-cologne/ perfume quality to it (no kidding really), even a tad of a sour aspect (apple cider vinegar?). The flavor providing the base for the nose (and the taste later on) is a citrus and barley note. Both are complex but the barley note on the nose takes on a pine/pine resin quality, very swedish indeed.

Taste: Wow! This is the second lemon-citrus-bomb these past 2 years for me! After the Auchentoshan Valinch (1st edition). It opens with a wonderfully complex citrussy note with lemon, lemon rind, linseed oil, limoncello and citronella.

The second phase is a rich barley that goes to a pine-ish nature then transforming into a definite corn.

The limoncello note is somewhat coupled with an icing sugar note i picked up earlier being slightly undecided i chose limoncello, atlhough it might as well be an icing-sugar lemon combo. A pine/conifer and white rose floral accompany the lemon-barley/corn-sugar tandem.

A very powerful but discreet violet backs the
rosy floral note. It's very rich on the verge on being dominant but the strength of the other components makes the violet an asset in the sum of all parts.

Finish: The whisky holds on with a finishing encore of the lemon, barley with a big fresh minty quality holding up the whole experience.

Magnificent young whisky, i am a swede but, before calling me patriotic, many swedes have a distinction of being very critical of their own products, although some patriotc sense always lies near to many, i've tried to put those as much to the side as possible for this review. Fact is.. this is great! For a very young spirit it is Phenomenal!

A relieved and proud swedish whisky-lover signing out

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paddockjudge commented

It is great to have a champion for Swedish Whisky on this board. very nice review and I look forward to more insight into Swedish Whisky and whisky culture. Bravo @Lifewaterforce!

10 years ago 0

Lifewaterforce commented

Thanx for the warming compliment :) Apart from the first edition the "Brukswhisky" from Mackmyra is also worth checking out, it got 95,5 pts from Jim in last years whisky bible. A new swedish distillery has sprung up since last year as well "Hven" lots happening around here

10 years ago 0