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Michael Collins Single Malt

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@rharlowReview by @rharlow

5th May 2011


Michael Collins Single Malt
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How my evening went down:

I was in the mood for a new Irish whiskey. I'm not sure why, but I was.

I have read good things about this bottle of, so that's why I bought it.

I have also read that it's good to have a sip of something familiar to "get your pallet ready" so I started with a micro-dram of Bushmills Black Bush (yes, I know it's blended).

Now time for the Michael Collins. The first thing I notice is the really pleasant mild vanilla nose. This gets me excited.

Then, I take a drink. Pleasant, sweet, light honey, but where is the middle of my tongue? OH MY GOODNESS, my tongue now has a hole in it and I'm not even a hipster with body piercings.

I panic and run to the bathroom to find a mirror, stick out my tongue... ahhhh, no hole, nothing missing, my tongue is still there in one piece.

I then go back to enjoying my glass of whiskey.

I smile.

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